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A Cold Drink Ice Cream Truck Customized for Australian Customer

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We customized an ice cream truck trailer for crocold88,A mobile ice cream operator from Australia.

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Why ice cream trailers are so popular?

Mobility: Ice cream trailers are mobile, allowing operators to move to different locations and cater to different crowds. This mobility allows them to reach a wider audience and take advantage of events, festivals, parks and other areas where people gather.

Convenience: Ice cream trailers provide a convenient way for people to enjoy a sweet treat without having to travel to a specific ice cream parlor. They often operate within communities, making it easy for residents to get their needs met without having to travel long distances.

Variety: Ice cream trailers often offer a variety of flavors and treats to suit different tastes and preferences. This variety ensures there is something for everyone, attracting families and groups with different tastes.

Seasonal appeal: Ice cream is a popular treat, especially during the hot summer months. As people look for ways to cool down, ice cream trailers are capitalizing on this seasonal demand by offering refreshing treats.

Social experience: Buying ice cream from a trailer can be a social experience, especially at an event or in a community where people gather. It's an opportunity to interact with others while enjoying a delicious meal, adding to the overall appeal.

Low Overhead: For operators, an ice cream trailer can be a relatively low-cost way to get into the food service industry compared to opening a brick-and-mortar store. This lower overhead makes it an attractive option for aspiring business owners.

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What refrigeration equipment is usually required on an ice cream trailer?

Ice cream trailers often require refrigeration equipment to keep ice cream and other frozen foods at the proper temperature. At ZZKNOWN, ice cream trailer refrigeration equipment goes beyond just refrigerators or freezers, there are a variety of equipment designed for storing and making ice cream that can be added to your food truck layout:

Commercial Undercounter Freezer: It can be conveniently installed under the work surface without requiring additional countertop space. This is a must-have refrigeration unit for every ice cream trailer, ensuring a perfect temperature of -18°C, perfect for storing all types of ice cream.

Chest Freezer: This typical large freezer, commonly found in supermarkets, provides ample space to store a variety of ice cream products.

Gelato Display Stand: Used to display various ice cream flavors to attract customers near the food truck. For added appeal, consider adding an extra small side window to make it easier for everyone, including children, to see the irresistible treats in your refrigerator.

Soft Ice Cream Maker: This device allows you to make ice cream according to the preferences of each customer. From choosing flavors to adding toppings, customers can choose their favorite combination. Plus you can add a countertop salad prep refrigerator to your food trailer to offer customers an array of toppings to enrich their ice cream.

Rolled Ice Cream Machine: Rolled Ice Cream Machine or Fried ice machine is a hot-selling item for street food vendors. Placing it next to the front work station allows customers to watch the fun process of rolling ice cream.

Commercial Freezers: These are essential for storing and preserving ice cream. Commercial freezers are designed to maintain temperatures well below freezing to ensure the ice cream stays frozen. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the storage needs of different ice cream vendors.

Refrigerated Display Cases: Some ice cream trailers may have refrigerated display cases for displaying ice cream to customers. These cases usually have glass doors or windows, allowing customers to see the available flavors while keeping the ice cream at the optimal temperature.

Refrigeration unit: The ice cream trailer is equipped with a refrigeration unit to power the freezer and display cases. These units are usually built into the trailer or mounted on the outside and are responsible for maintaining the low temperatures necessary for ice cream to freeze.

Why Choose ZZKNOWN to Build Your Ice Cream Trailer?

ZZKNOWN is a leading manufacturer of custom food trailers and concession food trailers in China. We have designed and built more than 1,000 food trailers for customers all over the world. We mainly manufacture hot dog trailers, bbq trailers, ice cream trailers, pizza trailers, coffee trailer airstream food trailer, food trucks and so on.

Advantages of ZZKNOWN:

  • Elite team

  • Unique 2D/3D design

  • High-quality raw materials

  • One-stop service

Do you want to build an ice cream trailer today? Contact us now!


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