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Care and maintenance of emergency ventilator

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   (1) The maintenance of the call machine mainly replaces the wearing parts, debugs or corrects the relevant parameters according to the requirements of the machine manual. After a patient has been used in the first level, the relevant parameters should be debugged or corrected in time; under special circumstances, the working status of the machine needs to be checked at any time in order to find problems and solve them in time to ensure clinical use.

(2) Maintenance of pager 1. Air source part (1) Air compression pump: It is a part with many mechanical parts, and the problem of mechanical wear should be considered at the main point of this maintenance: ①Maintenance: generally 5000-18000h need to do 1 major maintenance, this maintenance The work should be performed by professionals, including the replacement of the valve 1 of the pump, the piston solid, etc., and the dust removal of the motor part; ⑧ gas path part: mainly composed of a metal cooling pipe, an air storage tank, a water gas separator, and a pressure regulating valve And other parts. Emphasis should be placed on the maintenance of the water-gas separator (water separator air filter), and the copper core filter and gasket should be replaced by professionals, and the internal dirt should be removed. Zhou Wei needs to check the connection of various parts of the pipeline , As appropriate, replace the damaged road. After the above maintenance is completed, the professional staff should adjust the working pressure of the pump to the best position.

(2) Oxygen: If the oxygen source is bottled oxygen, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of the oxygen bottle and the pressure reducer regularly to prevent accidents. The exception is when the oxygen source is the center.

  2. The air-oxygen mixer has tiny particles in the air and oxygen. The compressed air produced by the oil-free air compressor is a high-humidity gas. With the seasonal changes or other factors, it may contain moisture, which may affect the air-oxygen. The mixer is working properly. The air-oxygen mixer is divided into a filter and a filter. It will be affected to a certain extent after encountering moisture. The lighter will affect the ratio of the air-oxygen mixed gas, that is, the FiO2 is inaccurate; the heavy will block the gas. The passageway prevents the ventilator from working. Some ventilators have a water separation filter device, which needs to be drained regularly, such as SV-300 and Gurd 8400/6400. There are also ventilators that do not have drainage devices or do not have similar problems.

The error of the output oxygen concentration of the air-oxygen mixer must be within 10%, and the error of the output oxygen concentration of the high-quality air-oxygen mixer is about 3%.

3. The power supply of the host part of the host should generally be in the air source, including air and oxygen. It can be turned on after being connected; the air leakage cannot be heard after the air source is connected. After the power is turned on, connect the simulated lung to observe the set value and monitoring value of inspiratory tidal volume Consistent, the error is about 10%; adjust the time of the ventilator platform (inhalation pause, breath hold) to the maximum, and the pointer of the pressure gauge should not fall when observing the inspiratory platform, indicating that the pipe joints and humidifiers are not leaking, breathing The machine is in a normal state. No solution should be placed above the main box during use to prevent the solution from flowing into the ventilator and causing machine damage or circuit failure; if the machine is found to be unable to operate normally, it should be immediately turned on by a professional person approved by the manufacturer for maintenance.

4. The metal part of the temperature control sensor plug of the heating and humidifier must not be immersed in the disinfectant. If it is mistakenly inserted into it, it should be rinsed with clean water immediately and wiped dry; The parts are irrationally damaged, and the surface metal is oxidized, which affects the accuracy of the sensor. The plastic part of the temperature control sensor connected to the patient's airway can easily be broken, so use caution.


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