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China's ventilator is fully produced for the world-China is fully committed to the production of the ventilator for the world: the production capacity accounts for 20% of the international orders more

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Domestic ventilator manufacturers have been too busy recently, and the order phone has not stopped. Technical R & D personnel are also on the production line, working in three shifts in 24 hours ... Even so, they still cannot meet the huge order demand, and some orders have been placed in the third quarter.

The global epidemic of new pneumonia continues to spread, and the number of diagnoses continues to grow. Masks, goggles, protective clothing and other medical and anti-epidemic materials are in a tight supply situation, and the "Continuing Life Artifact" ventilator is snapped up worldwide. China's epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, and the production order has been restored in an orderly manner. Ventilator orders flew to Chinese manufacturers like snow flakes.

Respiratory function continues

"The daily production capacity was only two or three hundred units at the beginning of February, and now it has reached 1,200 units. There are hundreds of overseas inquiries every day, and tens of thousands of units have been placed." Jiang Dong, marketing manager of domestic non-invasive ventilator manufacturer, told reporters Say. Right now, BMC Jardine Jiaye is increasing production capacity in various ways to cope with orders from countries such as Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The global epidemic has spread and the demand for ventilators has skyrocketed. Chinese ventilator manufacturers have made every effort to meet the needs of the global ventilator market. Domestic ventilator manufacturers have been driving full horsepower, and the machines have been running 24 hours a day, making every effort to increase production capacity.

Even so, it still cannot meet market demand. Officials from various countries and persons in charge of medical institutions have called for increased production capacity or increased imports on various occasions. "The key is a ventilator, a ventilator, a ventilator. This is the most urgent need." Andrew Como, Governor of New York State, USA, emphasized the importance of the ventilator in the most straightforward way.

How important is the ventilator?

As we all know, the lung as a respiratory organ, its role is to inhale and decompose oxygen to maintain life activities. The "target" of the new coronavirus is the human respiratory organ. After being attacked by the new coronavirus in the lungs of the patient, the function is impaired and a large amount of mucus is produced, and some patients cannot obtain oxygen through spontaneous breathing. For the treatment of these patients, several treatment methods such as oxygen therapy, non-invasive mechanical ventilation, invasive mechanical ventilation, and salvage therapy are usually adopted. Among them, the invasive ventilator is higher in medical equipment. For these patients, the ventilator is a matter of life and death. Although it can't kill the virus, it can continue to live, and it will buy valuable time for clinical treatment and elimination of the virus.

What is the gap in the global ventilator market?

According to data from the World Health Organization, one out of every six patients with new crowns has severe illness and dyspnea, and non-invasive ventilator-assisted ventilation is used. If the condition worsens, invasive ventilator-controlled ventilation will also be used.

According to relatively pessimistic estimates, there will be 960,000 patients in the United States who need to use a ventilator due to infection with the new coronavirus, but there are only about 200,000 such machines in the United States, and a considerable part of them cannot be used immediately due to aging. The situation in Europe is also not optimistic. According to statistics, the EU ventilator gap is at least 25,000. In some developing countries, the shortage of ventilators may be more serious. Globally, the demand for ventilators is 10 times that of current medical institutions.

The longer use cycle exacerbates the severity of the ventilator shortage. Industry insiders pointed out that for critically ill patients, in vitro oxygenation is uninterrupted and can only be used by one patient, and cannot be exchanged between patients at will. The life cycle of a critically ill patient is about 10 days.

Countries in desperate need of ventilators have set their sights on China. Starting in mid-March, with the rapid increase in the number of overseas infections, the gap in the ventilator market is growing. In this context, China, which accounts for 1/5 of the world ’s ventilator capacity, has become the hope of a “global village”: 1,000 ventilators donated by Chinese private institutions to New York State arrived last week, and 300 ventilators were shipped from China to the UK. Spain purchases more than 900 ventilators from China ... Chinese manufacturers have signed international orders for more than 20,000 ventilators. At the press conference of the Joint Defense and Joint Control Mechanism of the State Council on April 5, Jin Hai, director of the General Operations Department of the General Administration of Customs, introduced that since March 1, China has exported 16,000 ventilators.


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