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Chinese Companies in Indonesia Cambodia and Other Asian Countries Have Won Praise

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Chinese Companies in Indonesia Cambodia and Other Asian Countries Have Won Praise 

In recent years, the "going global" central enterprises have been adhering to the philosophy of extensive consultation, joint construction, and sharing to cultivate overseas markets. At the same time, they focus on integrated development with all parties in the host country for mutual benefit and win-win results, and have been widely praised by all sectors of the local society.

   Faced with the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year, many central enterprises have faced the challenge even more, taking multiple measures to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and the resumption of work and production, and promote the smooth development of overseas projects. Their actions and results have won many praises.

  Indonesia Jawan High Speed Rail

   On December 15th, the No. 1 tunnel, an important control project for the entire Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail line in Indonesia, was successfully completed, marking the important progress in the construction of Jabund-Bandung high-speed rail and the achievement of important node goals. This is the "first order" for China's high-speed rail to go global in an all-round way, fully adopting Chinese technology, Chinese standards, and Chinese equipment. China participates in the planning, construction, operation and management of the entire overseas process.

   Yawan High-speed Railway is a pioneering project of cooperation between Indonesia and China. The completion of Tunnel No. 1 is a milestone and a proud achievement. It is hoped that the Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway can become a modern public transportation infrastructure that can have a positive impact on Indonesia's economy and well-being in a sustainable manner. Looking forward to the completion of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail as scheduled, it will become the pride of Indonesia.

  -Indonesian Marine Coordinating Minister Luhut

  Africa-Djibouti Railway

   Africa’s first transnational electrified railway was jointly constructed and operated by China Railway Second Bureau under China Railway and China Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd., connecting Ethiopia and Djibouti. Since the beginning of this year, the Yaji Railway has overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic, and its transportation volume has risen against the trend. In the first half of the year, its operating income increased by 51% year-on-year.

   During the fight against the epidemic, the role of the “transportation lifeline” of the Yaji Railway was fully revealed, providing strong logistical support for ensuring the normal operation of the country’s economic activities and emergency systems. Many industrial parks have also been built along the Yaji Railway, providing a large number of jobs, significantly improving the living standards of the local people and forming a "vital economic belt".

  ——Elizabeth Getahun, President of Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association

  Chinese companies in Cambodia

Recently, the Cambodian Academy of Vision Asia released the "Report on the Sustainable Development of Chinese Enterprises in Cambodia", which disclosed the actions and influences of Chinese companies in Cambodia from multiple angles. Investment in power, agriculture, tourism development, and transportation construction has promoted Cambodia’s economic development while making important contributions to improving local people’s livelihood, employment, environmental protection, and education.

   The "Report on the Sustainable Development of Chinese Enterprises in Cambodia" shows the good image of Chinese enterprises, especially Chinese state-owned enterprises, in Cambodia in compliance with laws and regulations, excellent operations, active integration into local society, and fulfilling social responsibilities.

  -Qiang Wan Nali, Dean of the Cambodia Institute of Asian Vision

   Trinidad and Tobago Alima Hospital

   Designed and constructed by China Railway Construction (Caribbean) Company, and urgently transform the hospital's epidemic prevention area in response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and improve the hospital's diagnosis and treatment capabilities.

   Chinese companies built this hospital when they were in need! They are far away from their families and work hard with us. The people of Trinidad and Tobago will enjoy high-quality medical services here.

  ——Project Construction Coordinator Leit Boris

  The quality of the Chinese project is very high, and the completion of the Alima Hospital is of great significance to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

  -Ronaldo Coiras, head of the Infrastructure Center of the Ministry of Health


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