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Chinese Traditional Festival ——Winter Solstice(Dongzhi) Festival

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December 21, Beijing time

We usher in the "Winter Solstice" solar term

From this day on

China has entered the "Cold weather" season

Folk commonly known as "Jinjiu"

The ancients thought

Since the winter solstice

Every nine days counts as a nine.

Count to nine.

Eighty-one days later

Spring comes

After the winter Solstice

The point of direct sunlight moved slowly to the north

The days are getting longer in the northern hemisphere

The nights are getting shorter

The winter solstice customs

"The winter Solstice is as big as a year."

In ancient times, people regarded the winter Solstice as a major festival. After a busy year, people began to recuperate from the winter Solstice. Therefore, the most important custom was related to eating.

The best known is "dumplings in the north, dumplings in the south."

People in Henan province eat dumplings on winter Solstice, which is also called "pinching frozen ears".

Legend has it that when Zhang Zhongjing returned to Nanyang during the heavy snow, he saw the ears of some villagers were frozen, so he asked his disciples to set up a medical shed, cooked them in a pot with mutton, hot pepper and some medicinal materials to keep out the cold, took them out and chopped them up, wrapped them in dough skin to look like ears, cooked them and served them to the people.

After eating, the villagers' ears healed.

Later, every winter solstice, people will imitate to do eating, forming the custom of eating dumplings, along with the "do not eat dumplings ear" saying.

In Taizhou, Zhejiang, lei Yuan is the most important festival on the winter solstice. "Yuan" means "reunion" and "completeness".

Rolling circle is made of glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice powder and warm water first knead into dough, knead again into vinegar dish size mariko circle, which has been boiled in bean yellow powder rolling mix, because the process dialect is called "rolling", so the winter solstice circle named "rolling circle", and bean yellow powder made with beans grind into powder and then stir until cooked. Stir in brown sugar, sweet flavour is full-bodied, with glutinous rice round exquisite delicious soft, increase appetite.

In addition to dumplings, glutinous rice balls, the winter Solstice food can be a thousand miles different winds.

In Nanjing, the winter solstice is a time to eat scallions and roast tofu.

Changzhou people delicious hot tofu, said: "if you want to be rich, overnight on the winter solstice eat hot tofu.

Suzhou Winter Solstice, friends and relatives to send a gift box similar to spring dish food;

People in Jinhua set up wine and dishes on winter Solstice to celebrate with their families.

Hangzhou people boil red bean rice, steam new rice cakes, and put the leftover fish heads and tails in rice jars overnight, and then take them out the next day to eat, which is called "peace vegetables".

The winter solstice keeping in good health

Luo Shuwei, a historian and researcher at the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, said that in order to adapt to the winter's law of "all things rest and Yang Qi is stored inside", it is advisable to follow the principle of "sleeping early and getting up late must wait for the sun", so as to conserve energy and conserve energy.

Yang is exuberant after noon break, it is the best moment of sports health preservation, but intensity wants moderate, it is a principle with slight perspire.

"Winter Solstice" health, focus on raising the mind, to calm the body, optimistic and carefree, not for trifles, in order to prevent premature aging, maintain vigorous energy, can prolong life.


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