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Congratulations on the completion of our production line,main products of ARTEX group---(1) refrigeration equipment

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Congratulations on the completion of our production line,Main products of ARTEX group——

(1)Refrigeration Equipment

    ZHENGZHOU Known IMP. AND EXP. CO., LTD as the subsidiary company of State-owned group belong to attach government enterprise, Founded in 1986 with ISO9001-2008 international quality certification .Our factory is located in zhengzhou City, Henan PReally Factory - 01rovince, China, with fast transportation access.It covers an area over eighty thousand square meters,including workshop, research and development office,dining hall,basketball court,staff quarters,park...With leading-level technology, all of our products comply with international quality standard with CE, GMP, HACCP and ISO9001 certificates and are appreciated throughout the world.A number of clients have visited our factory when they came to China and select cooperative partners.Most of them choose to buy products from us after visiting our factory.If you are interested in our products but you don't feel uncertain about our products quality,you can come to visit our company and factory  when it is convenient.

    We have developed a new production line,mainly produced refrigeration equipment.Our factory is equipped with advanced facilities to make sure the quality of our products.Over 200 exprienced workers concentrate on sorting and assembling machines here.

Our factory

(As the picture above shows,our workers are producing fried ice cream machine.)

Refrigeration equipment is our strong product.We mainly produce:

fried ice cream roll machine
hard ice cream machine
soft ice cream machine

ice lolly machine

ice cream mixer machine
ice cream display freezer
ice cream vending machine

You can find these products in our pruduct catalogue from our homepage.Of course,you can send inquiry to us if you have special requirement.We are looking forward to your inquiries!

Fried ice cream roll machine 

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炒冰机九宫格Fried ice cream roll machine is designed to make ice cream rolls.It's equipped with high-quality compressor and intelligent temperature control system.KNOWN fried ice cream roll machine is totally easy to operate.You just need to connect the power supply then put the mixture of yogurt,juice,raisin,etc into the ice pan,turn on the refridgeration switch. Use available ice slush shovels to make delicious fried ice cream rolls. It can be applied  in an ice cream shop,a cafeteria,a food street or anywhere crowded which can bring you customers.There are different types for you to choose.The shape/quantity/size of the ice pan are all customized.

Hard ice cream machine 

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1.This compact batch freezer offers the same quality and durability of our larger models but fits on your

2.Small, space-saving but powerful for making high quality premium ice cream .In about 10 minutes, you
can create one batch of high quality ice cream, fine sorbets and more frozen products.

3.Mechanical time controller, very easy for any operators to use.

4.Floated Blade perfectly match with cylinder wall, prevent from the ice crystal, gain the smooth flavor in gelato.

5.Designed with efficient evaporator results in faster production. All installed joints are in arc, quite easy in disassembly and installation.

6.This is definitely a qualified machine designed for commercial usage. It is fantastic for small ice cream/gelato shop, cafe bar, restaurant, hotel or wherever and whoever wanna fresh and qualified ice cream.

Soft ice cream machine

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81. Updated digital interactive interface control system, easy to operate.

2. cleaning button, auto freeze mode, standby mode and automatic failure alarms.

3.With cone selling counting, it's easy to know how many ice cream cones you sold.

4. Elegant colorful appearance design, steel and pink color for selection

5.100% copper pipe condensor in refrigerating system, high efficiency, safe and speed,quality guarantee.

6.Precise digital control equipment, whole metal plate structure, reasonable inner structure design,save more space.

Ice lolly machine

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Apply stainless steel structure, look good and durable

Apply famous brand Panasonic compressor

Efficient water cooling or air cooling system for choice.

Different ice mould for choice.

Suitable for fast food shops,food processing factories,ice producing factories and other places requiring a large amount of ice.

Ice cream mixer machine

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Achieve ice cream and fruit,nuts,milkshakes,a perfect combination to create a greater variety of ice cream.With manual control,to facilitate nesting of fruit crushing and speed adjustment.Jet cleaning,ready to use,effective solution to ice cream in the production process of different fruits and odor problems.Equipped with water overflow alarm system,allowing users to get to know the water tank filled with water situation.Spiral mixing blades,the bottom of the mixing head with a convenient break the frozen fruit pieces.Stir with a funnel shape under the cap,depending on the shape of hats can play a variety of shapes of fruit cream.

    There are also many other kinds of refrigeration equipments for you to choose.If you don't find your ideal machine,you can contact us to inquire us.We are willing to help you!

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